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Nakheel starts work on Dubai skyscraper infinity pool

January 8, 2019

Master developer Nakheel has started the construction of a rooftop infinity swimming pool at its 52-storey luxury hotel and residential complex The Palm Tower coming up in the heart of Palm Jumeirah i... View more

Langham to launch Infinity Suite

April 30, 2005

The flagship property of the Langham Hotels International London s five-star Langham Hotel is launching its ultra-deluxe Infinity Suite at ATM. The region is the first international launch market for ... View more

To infinity and beyond

January 7, 2003

Okay so you ve always wanted to go to space; always wanted to see what the earth looked like for the dark side of the moon. But a report in seems to think that it s going to be a while befor... View more



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