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Clifford Chance advises NBK on GMTN programme

May 31, 2017

Clifford Chance has advised National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) on the establishment of its 3 billion Global Medium Term Note (GMTN) programme and its inaugural Rule 144A/Regulation S international debt cap... View more

NBK to help customers buy property in UAE

November 5, 2016

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) the country s leading lender is offering a golden opportunity to customers to buy a property in UAE through a new mortgage service financing up to 70 per cent of the prop... View more

NBK strides ahead with innovation

July 11, 2005

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) the largest Kuwaiti bank and a highly rated organisation in the Arab world has a long association with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. The bank has consistently reported he... View more