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RGE closes $787m in SLLs; FAB and NBK among lead arrangers

February 23, 2023

Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) a global group of firms headquartered in Singapore has said that its member company Apical Group has closed 787 million in Sustainability-Linked Loans (SLLs) with strong suppo... View more

NBK Capital Partners Mezzanine Fund provides $10m to Moove

February 10, 2022

NBK Capital Partners Mezzanine Fund II has closed a 10 million financing facility with Uber s exclusive vehicle supply partner in Africa the mobility fintech Moove. The innovative asset-backed venture... View more

Gulf Capital, NBK Capital Partners exit Classic Fashion

May 18, 2021

Funds advised by Gulf Capital and NBK Capital Partners respectively have announced a full and successful exit of their growth capital facility in Jordan s Classic Fashion Apparel Industries (Classic F... View more

NBK Capital provides $20m financing to Reach Group

April 12, 2021

NBK Capital Partners has closed a 20 million acquisition financing facility with Reach Group a leading UAE-based HR outsourcing company in support of its cross-border expansion. The innovative Sharia-... View more

NBK Capital Partners closes $300m Saudi PIF-anchored fund

February 9, 2021

NBK Capital Partners the alternative investments arm of Watani Investment Company has announced the first closing of a targeted 300 million shari ah credit fund anchored by Saudi Arabia s Public Inves... View more

Thyssenkrupp completes key installation at NBK tower

October 25, 2020

Thyssenkrupp Elevator one of the world s leading elevator companies said it has installed its unique Twin elevator systems at the iconic new head office of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). Located in th... View more

UAE economic outlook stable, reforms to drive growth: NBK

November 5, 2019

The UAE s economic outlook remains stable despite a slowing global economy trade disputes softer energy demand and heightened geopolitical tensions according to research published by the National Bank... View more

Oil prices post best quarter in 10 years: NBK

April 3, 2019

Oil prices for the first quarter of 2019 have posted their best quarterly performance since 2009 said the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) in a new research. Buoyed by signs of a tightening market with S... View more

NBK Capital advises on acquisition of Egypt school

February 26, 2019

NBK Capital Partners a leader in alternative investments has advised on the acquisition of 100 per cent of King Integrated American School (KIAS) located in the fast-growing King Mariut area within Al... View more

NBK – Egypt H1 net profit surges 36pc to $55bn

August 5, 2018

NBK-Egypt - a member of NBK Group reported EGP988.8 billion (equivalent to KD16.9 million or 55.2 billion) in net profits for the first half (H1) of 2018 up 36.07 per cent compared to EGP726.7 million... View more

NBK-Bahrain register solid growth in H1

August 1, 2018

National Bank of Kuwait-Bahrain (NBK Bahrain) the branch of NBK Group in Bahrain reported net profits of BD55 million ( 144.5 million) for the first half (H1) of 2018 compared with BD46.1 million for ... View more

Kuwait consumer spending rebounds in June: NBK

July 22, 2018

Kuwait s consumer spending index increased 8.5 per cent year-on-year (y/y) in June supported by a pickup in the consumption of durables and non-durables said the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) in its l... View more

Bahrain non-oil growth to hit 4.6pc over 2018-19: NBK

June 20, 2018

Bahrain s non-oil growth is expected to average 4.6 per cent over 2018-19 underpinned by government infrastructure spending on a record 8 billion worth of projects the kingdom s largest ever pipeline ... View more

GCC debt issuance weak Q1 at $12bn: NBK

May 20, 2018

While the GCC sovereign issuance was quiet in the first quarter (1Q) of the year at 12 billion still-favourable borrowing costs high oil prices and continued foreign investor interest are expected to ... View more

NBK Capital Partners, Gulf Capital to fund Jordan firm

April 3, 2018

NBK Capital Partners and Gulf Capital have partnered for the first time to make a strategic investment in Jordan s Classic Fashion Apparel Industry one of the biggest private sector employers in Jorda... View more

NBK Capital Partners closes key real estate fund

February 7, 2018

NBK Capital Partners an alternative investments firm that leads flexible growth capital investments in mid-sized companies in the Middle East North Africa (Mena) and Turkey has announced the successfu... View more

NBK Capital Partners exits private debt fund

January 31, 2018

NBK Capital Partners an alternative investments firm that advises on providing flexible capital to mid-sized companies in the Mena region has successfully exited its inaugural 157 million private debt... View more

Saudi 2018 budget backing non-oil sector: NBK

January 18, 2018

Saudi Arabia s SR978 billion ( 260 billion) budget for 2018 is sends a strong signal that the government is serious about supporting the economy especially the non-oil sector and pursuing its Vision 2... View more

Qatar non-oil growth likely to slide in 2018: NBK

January 7, 2018

Qatar s non-oil growth in 2018 has been downgraded to 3 per cent from 4 per cent before and is weaker than the 3.5 per cent now expected for 2017 said the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) in its latest E... View more

Gas output to boost Oman’s GDP next year: NBK

October 18, 2017

Oman s economic growth will slow to just 0.3 per cent this year its weakest since 2011 on the back of a drop in oil output before recovering to 2.8 per cent in 2018 as gas production expands and the n... View more

NBK unit closes $95m Dubai school property deal

October 2, 2017

NBK Capital Partners the private equity arm of National Bank of Kuwait said it has completed the acquisition of the Dubai campus of a K-12 international curriculum school in a sale-leaseback transacti... View more

Clifford Chance advises NBK on GMTN programme

May 31, 2017

Clifford Chance has advised National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) on the establishment of its 3 billion Global Medium Term Note (GMTN) programme and its inaugural Rule 144A/Regulation S international debt cap... View more

NBK to help customers buy property in UAE

November 5, 2016

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) the country s leading lender is offering a golden opportunity to customers to buy a property in UAE through a new mortgage service financing up to 70 per cent of the prop... View more

NBK strides ahead with innovation

July 11, 2005

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) the largest Kuwaiti bank and a highly rated organisation in the Arab world has a long association with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. The bank has consistently reported he... View more



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