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Real Estate Investment


Dubai's real estate stable, 'ready for investment'

April 25, 2018

After a turbulent few years during which the price of property dipped and rents experienced a readjustment now is the ideal time to invest in Dubai s real estate sector according to a leading independ... View more

Dubai real estate market an 'investment destination'

December 17, 2017

UAE-based Arenco Real Estate sees a stronger real estate market for Dubai in the coming years due to unlimited opportunities that are open and available to investors. Home to more than 200 nationaliti... View more

Dubai group unveils $1bn real estate investment plan

October 12, 2017

Reign Holdings a Dubai-based global business conglomerate has announced its plans to invest up to 1 billion in the region s real estate sector through its development arm Arthur & Hardman. It will foc... View more

Dubai real estate draws $41bn in foreign investment

August 29, 2017

A total of Dh151 billion ( 41.1 billion) was invested by foreigners in Dubai property market in 18 months according to latest figures released by the Dubai Land Department. The DLD revealed the figure... View more

Indians top Dubai real estate with $3.3bn investment

March 25, 2017

Indians remain the most prolific foreign investors in Dubai s real estate sector ranking highest both in terms of volume and value with Dh12 billion ( 3.26 billion) worth of property transactions from... View more

Kuwaiti investment in Dubai real estate tops $533m

March 21, 2017

Kuwaiti real estate investment in Dubai has crossed the Dh2 billion ( 533 million) mark in 2016 with investors pumping their money into various residential and commercial properties across the emirate... View more



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