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Oryx GTL


Oryx GTL is changing the global energy paradigm

April 28, 2013

ORYX GTL is a world-class gas converter which having pioneered commercial-scale gas-to-liquids (GTL) production in 2007 is spearheading the induction of GTLs into the mainstream energy mix. Today the ... View more

Oryx GTL achieves new record for safety, sustainability

October 7, 2012

Oryx GTL Qatar s pioneering ultra-clean fuels manufacturer has confirmed its status as one of the world s safest most sustainable and responsible energy companies by setting two new world-class safety... View more

Oryx GTL, Energy Institute win sustainable stand awards

December 22, 2011

THE 20th World Petroleum Congress has awarded Sustainable Stand Awards to Oryx GTL and the Energy Institute for building and demonstrating the most sustainable stands. The five-day event was held in D... View more



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