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Al Dana launches taxi booking app in Qatar

April 10, 2018

Al Dana Company launched Qatar Taxi the first Qatari application of its kind for booking cars which are safe reliable and come at an affordable price. Sheikh Hamad Al Thani CEO of Al Dana Company said... View more

Al-Arbeed moves into Dana Gas as executive director

January 24, 2008

DANA Gas has announced that Ahmed Rashid Al-Arbeed former chairman and managing director of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has joined the management team of Dana Gas as executive director upstream. Al-Arbee... View more

‘Lifestyle repositioning’ for the Novotel Al Dana

May 31, 2006

THE visionary general manager of the Novotel Al Dana Resort Khalid Anib is seeking to reposition the property as a lifestyle hotel that is something more than just a flash-in-the-pan through a series ... View more

Novotel Al Dana Resort makes its mark in Bahrain

November 2, 2005

Since it opened its doors two years ago Novotel Al Dana Resort has quietly yet firmly positioned itself as the premier four-star deluxe hotel in Bahrain. With a product offer and facilities that match... View more

Novotel Al Dana makes waves in Bahrain

April 30, 2005

Fresh from celebrating their second anniversary it comes as no surprise to see how upbeat Novotel Al Dana Resort in Bahrain is about its current performance and what lies ahead. Little by little this ... View more

Novotel Al Dana redefines hospitality

March 5, 2005

After being opened for just over a year the Novotel Al Dana Resort in Bahrain has certainly carved a niche for itself as the only four-star deluxe hotel in the Kingdom. The hotel part of the Accor Gro... View more

Sizzling seasonal deal at Novotel Al Dana

July 8, 2004

WHILE summer is traditionally a quiet season for hotels in Bahrain in terms of occupancy one hotel is upbeat about its prospects this year. The Novotel Al Dana Resort offers a summer programme that ha... View more

Business is pleasure at Novotel Al Dana Resort

June 7, 2004

BUSINESS is often a pleasure when it is conducted off the beaten track. At Novotel Al Dana Resort combining business with charm is a cherished experience. Nestled in a beautiful environment by the sea... View more

Novotel Al Dana Resort is Bahrain’s new hot spot

April 29, 2004

NIGHTS get Twice As Nice at Le Bellevue. You can take that literally at Le Bellevue the exquisite jazz lounge perched over the sea at Novotel Al Dana Resort Bahrain. When the sun sets and the Manama s... View more

Al Dana Resort 'to be family destination' By Kamleshkumar Desai

October 5, 2002

The new Novotel Al Dana Resort to open later this year in Bahrain will add to the kingdom s efforts to position itself as an attractive family tourism destination in the region. The four-star deluxe r... View more



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